Watch Old Rusty Garden Knife Makeover

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Watch Old Rusty Garden Knife Makeover full HD engsub, watch Watch Old Rusty Garden Knife Makeover online
This was my attemp to remodel old rusty knife which one has been used in garden for choppin leaves. I've tried to make it looks more pretty maybe bit like Usuba knife ? :) What do u think about the new look? Please let me know in the comments below if u like this kind of videos and if u want me to do more of those :) Sorry for few missing parts of the process due camera failture :( Tools and products which one I use everyday (links are bellow) For sanding I'm always using Festool Rotax RO 150 For polishing metal Unipol paste is my prefered way to go :) Best Japanese wet stones for sharpening (get the set of 800,1200,6000 + nagura 8000 stone ) Belt Grinder 5x 72 with same design as I'm using (or just get DIY set and make one will cost much less ) Good epoxy for handle