Watch Getting a Chisel Scary Sharp - Essential Woodworking Skills

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Get the Katz-Moses Magnetic Dovetail Jig here: In this woodworking skills video we get a chisel scary sharp. Sharpen your chisel this way for excellent dovetails and maximum hand tool woodworking enjoyment. Thanks for watching! Please like, comment and subscribe. Cheers! ---- TOOLS USED IN THIS VIDEO Holiday Dovetail Challenge: Diamond Stones: Water Stones: Honing Guide: Polishing Compound: ---- Buy the Katz-Moses Magnetic Dovetail Jig: I have Walnut Slabs for sale **FREE SHIPPING**: Buy the Katz-Moses Stop Block Presale: ---- Essential Woodworking Skills Playlist: ---- Woodworking Joint of the Week Playlist: ---- Check me out on social media: ---- Some of my other videos I think you’ll like: Essential Woodworking Skills The Jointer: Joint of the Week - Castle Joint: CNC Dovetail Alignment Board: Essential Skills for the Router: The Ultimate Router Jig: Essential Skills For Superior Accuracy in Woodworking - Tips and Tricks: Moxon Vise Video: 4 IN 1 CROSSCUT SLED: ALL IN ONE 45 & 90 DEGREE SHOOTING BOARD, MAGNETIC SAW GUIDE AND PLANE STOP: JAPANESE HAND SAW TRICK EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW: CUTTING DOVETAILS WITH ME AND DAVID FROM MAKE SOMETHING: REVIEW OF THE KATZ-MOSES MAGNETIC DOVETAIL JIG BY MATT ESTLEA: ---- Tools I love: Razor Saw: Marking Gauge: Marking Knife: Stanley Sweetheart Chisels: Knew Concepts Fret Saw: Dewalt Planer Package: Forrest 10” Combo Blade: Festool Tape Measure: Starrett 6” Combination Square: Woodstock 3 in 1 Shoulder Plane: Stanley Low Angle Jack Plane: Dewaxed Shellac Flakes: Abalone Inlay : Abalone Inlay Alternate: 5 Minute Epoxy: Triton 3 ¼ hp Router (with built in lift and edge guide incl): Kreg Router Plate: Triton Bushing Set: Bosch 1 HP Colt Router Set With Fixed and Plunge Base: Bosch Edge Guide: Bosch Bushings Set: Centering Cone: ¼” Inexpensive Router Bit Set: ½” Inexpensive router Bit Set: Whiteside ¼” shank Spiral Upcut Bit ⅛”: Whiteside ¼” Shank Spiral Upcut Bit 1/4”: SUPER MEGA FLUSH TRIM BIT ½” Shank: SUPER MEGA FLUSH TRIM BIT 1/4” Shank: 45 Degree Bit I Like: Whiteside Inlay Kit I like: Flush Trim Bit I Use All The Time for smaller applications: ---- Camera Gear: Lumix GH5-s and main lens: 30mm Macro Lens: 15mm Lens: 50mm Lens I use for product shots: Microphone: Lav Microphone: Gimbal: 2nd CAMERA Canon 70d: Tripod: Slider: 24MM Wide Angle/Macro Lens: 50MM f/1.8 for those tight shots: 10-18mm Lens for the wide shots: